1. Short bio
2. Education
3. Grants and awards
4. Organizations
5. Curatorial projects (selection)
6. Educational initiatives (selection)
7. Publications (selection)



1. Short bio

Oriol Fontdevila (Manresa, 1978) is a curator and art critic. Artistic co-director of Sala d’Art Jove, the young art initiative of the Catalan Government, and faculty member of Metàfora International Workshop, an educative initiative based in Barcelona. He currently joins the MRes Exhibition Stories in Central Saint Martins (UAL).

His research usually focuses on the infrastructural layer of the art practice, where he understands mediation plays a crucial role endowing the art’s conditions of possibility. His essay El arte de la mediación will be published at 2018 by consonni (Bilbao). It has been completed after a research granted by MNCARS (Madrid) and La Virreina (Barcelona), as well as, through the experience gained from curatorial projects that have taken place in museums like Antoni Tàpies Foundation or Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona). Also through his educative practice, held in several universities and study programs, such as HISK Higher Institute of Fine Arts (Ghent).

He is currently working in a solo show of Ella Littwitz commissioned by La Panera Arts Center (Lledia). He was a member of the curatorial team of the European project Performing the Museum.



2. Education

On going. MRes Exhibition Stories. Central Saint Martins (UAL).

06. 2002. Art criticism and curatorial studies. Postgraduate course. Escola Eina and the UAB, Autonomous University of Barcelona

09.2001. BA in Art History. Faculty of Geography and History. UB, University of Barcelona

06.2001. Teaching Certificate. Institute of Education Sciences. UB, University of Barcelona



3. Grants and awards

2016. Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Culture Sub-programme (2014-2020), support for Performing the Museum network, with MSU Zagreb, KGLU Slovenj Gradec, MSUV Vojvodine and Antoni Tàpies Foundation.

2014-2015 Cultural Innovation International Prize, ex aequo. CCCB, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. Barcelona

2015. Research Grant of the MNCARS. Museo Nacional Reina Sofía. Madrid

2015. Research Grant of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Cultural Department of the catalan government. Barcelona

2013. Research Grant of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Cultural Department of the catalan government. Barcelona

2012. Barcelona City Council Award in Visual Arts 2011 (Premis Ciutat de Barcelona, Premi d’Arts Visuals). ICUB, Culture Institute of Barcelona City Council. Barcelona

2010. Catalan Art Critics Award for Alternative Spaces 2009 (Premi ACCA de la Crítica d’Art 2009 a Espais alternatius). ACCA, Catalan Association of Art Critics. Barcelona



4. Organizations

On going. Metàfora International Workshop. Faculty member. Barcelona, since 2017

On going. Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Artistic co-director, with Txuma Sánchez. Catalan Government’s Young Art Initiative. Barcelona, since 2006

2004 – 2008. Idensitat. Project Coordinator



5. Curatorial projects (selection)

2017. Lleida Biennal. Lenadre Cristòfol. La Panera Arts Centre. Co-curator, with Cèlia del Diego & Javier Hontoria. Featuring projects by: Elena Alonso, Erick Beltrán, Mauro Cerqueira, CRU, Irene de Andrés, Anna Dot, Núria Güell, Bouchra Khalili, Ella Littwitz, Pol Merchan, Jordi Mitjà, Itziar Okariz, Aimar Pérez Gali

2017. Arcana Imperrii. Art Research on Bureaucracy. Curator. El Carme Cultural Center. València. Featuring work by: Efrén Álvarez, Núria Güell, Ella Littwitz, Regina de Miguel, Javier Peñafiel, Ignasi Prat, Jonas Staal, Katarina Zdjelar. Pedagogic action by Lluc Mayol, Catxirulo Lab

2017. Javier Peñafiel & Saint Valeri’s Tern. Curator, in the frame of Connections. Jaume Morera Museum. Lleida

2016. Zande’s Net. Exhibition program. Curator. Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona. Mediation team includes Víctor García Tur, Hijos de Martín, Consol Llupià, Objetologías, Straddle3 & Petia Cervera Krupova. List of exhibitions:
Black Tulip: Unblackbox. 2016
Roger Bernat: Collective Efervescence. 2016
Gerard Ortín: Lycisca. 2016
Regina de Miguel: Aura Nera. 2016

2016. Abstract Socialism. Programme of discussions and art projects. Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Curator. Antoni Tàpies Foundation, 2016. Barcelona. Featuring works by: Jasmina Cibic, Fokus Grupa, Soren Thilo Funder, Doplgenger

2015. How To Do Things With Documents. Exhibition. Curator. Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Barcelona. Producing and featuring projects by: Roger Bernat, Lúa Coderch, Experimentem amb l’Art, LaFundició, Objectologías, Pep Vidal

2013 – 2014. Preventive Archeology. Exhibition program. Curator. Joan Miró Foundation. Barcelona. List of exhibitions:
Oriol Vilanova: She Corrects Manners Laughingly. 2013
LaFundició: Espai 14-15. 2013
Lúa Coderch: The Magic Mountain. 2013
Lola Lasurt: Double Authorization. 2014
Antonio Gagliano: Buno. 2014

2014. Allan Kaprow: Sweet Wall (Berlin, 1970), in the frame of Allan Kaprow: Other Ways. Curator. Antoni Tàpies Foundation

2010 – 2014. How To Turn A Museum Into Arena. Exhibitions program. Curator. Museu Joan Abelló. Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona). List of exhibitions:
Oriol Vilanova: Vitrines. 2010
Alba Mayol Curci: The Science of Fake. 2010
LaFundició: twitter.com/museuabello. 2010
Lola Lasurt: Menhir Giant. 2011
Daniela Ortiz: White Africa. 2011
Mississipi Productions: Vallès Occidental Sentimental Cartography. 2012
Albert Liza: Stops for Changing. 2012
Antonio Gagliano: Moledo. 2012
Mireia c. Saladrigues: La formació d’un museu. 2013
Quim Packard: Esperit salvatge. 2013
Tanit Plana & Laia Ramos: Exercicis de memoria aplicada. 2013
Javier Rodrigo: El mueu com a frontissa. 2014
Núria Güell: La Síndrome de Sherwood. s/d.

2010. Forced Labour. Exhibition. Co-curator, with Txuma Sánchez. LOOP Festival and Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona. Featuring works by: Alba Mayol Curci & Álvaro Ramírez, Annegien van Doorn, Verónica Luyo, Zeyno Pekünlü, Daniela Ortiz, Tjasa Kancler, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Miquel García, Raquel Friera

2010. Learning from the School. Exhibition and activities program. Co-curator. 20th Century Laboratori, Museu Comarcal de Manresa. Manresa. Featuring works by: Jeremy Deller, LaFundició, Alba Mayol Curci & Álvaro Ramírez, Laia Ramos, Daniel García, Hito Steyerl, María Ruido

2008 – 2010. Intrude Zone. Nomad exhibition and educative network with several High Schools of Mataró. Co-curator, with LaFundició. Mataró City Council. Mataró. Featuring works by: Amasté, Aulaabierta, Efrén Álvarez, Pau Faus, Jordi Mitjà, Platoniq, Antoni Tàpies,

2009. Art Lovers. Some controversies surroundig the topography of art. Exhibition. Curator. Roca Umbert Arts Factory. Granollers. Producing and featuring projects by Aníbal Parada & Mireia c. Saladrigues



6. Educational initiatives (selection)

On going. From Public Services to the Commons. Conference. Director. La Escocesa Arts Centre, Barcelona

2018.01. MA Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture. Guest lecturer. UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), UCM (Univeristat Complutense de Madrid) and MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía). Madrid

2018.01. MA in Expertise, Evaluation and Analysis of Art Works. Guest lecturer. UdL, Universitat de Lledia. Lledia

2017.11. The Incomplete Collection. Conference on public collecting. Director. La Panera Art Center & Jaume Morera Museum. Lleida. With presentations by: Annie Flechter, Mariona Muncunill, Octavi Rofes, Sergio Rubira, Suset Sánchez, Dorothea von Hantelmann, Stephen Wright

2017.11. Postgráfica. MA in Strategic Thinking, Graphic Design and Creative Business. Guest lecturer. IDEP, Escola Superior d’Imatge I Disseny. Barcelona

2017.10. Performative Meidation & Cultural Action.Training seminar. CERC, Diputació de Barcelona. Barcelona

2017.10. Els encontres de la Càtedra. L’ADAG i el seu context. Panelist in a round table. UdG (Univeristat de Girona) and Md’A (Museu d’Art de Girona). Girona.

2017.07. El canto punzante. En los extremos de la mediación. Workshop co-facilitator, with Judit Vidiella. Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid

2017.07. Academia de España en Roma. Guest tutor. Ministerior de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación. Rome

2017.06. MA Research in Art and Design (MURAD). Guest tutor. EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, attached to the UAB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Barcelona

2017. 03 – 11. The Middle Kingdom. Programme of seminars, reading group and research project. Director. La Virreina Arts Centre. Barcelona. With seminars by: Luc Boltansky & Arnaud Esquerre, Lars Bang Larsen & Soren Andreasen, Carmen Mörsch, Isabell Lorey

2017.09. Does Art Have Users? Symposim directed by Tania Bruguera & Asociación de Arte Útil. Panelist. SFMOMA & Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

2017.01. Aula Oberta. Saber, fer, comprendre. Seminar directed by Marina Garcés. Guest lecturer. Institut d’Humanitats de Barcelona.

2016.11. Un-mediated. About, with and against mediation. Panelist in a round table. Cohabitar entre program. Centre d’art Fabra I Coats, Barcelona

2016.10. Memory Reworks. Seminar. Guest lecturer. CZKd, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

2016.09. Llindars de l’Antropologia i l’art. Panelist. GRAPA, Research Group in Anthropology and Artistic Practices. UB, Universitat de Barcelona

2016.07. Art and the Politics of Individuation. Affect and the Multiple Body in Cognitive Capitalism. Directed by: Warren Neidich & Barry Schwabsky. Guest lecturer. SAAS-FEE Summer Institute of Art. Import Projects, Berlin

2016.07. Con_Textos. Workshop facilitator. Consonni, Bilbao

2016. Art & Education. Cross-border Relations. Conference panelist. MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

2015, 2016. HISK. Higher Institute of Fine Arts. Guest Lecturer. Ghent, Belgium

2015.12. Interacció 2015. Rethinking Local Cultural Policies. Conference panelist. Diputació de Barcelona, Centre d’Estudis i Recursos Culturals

2015.11. Concreta 06 presentation. Guest lecturer. Octubre Centrre de Cultura Contemporània, València

2015.11. The Critical Dissemination. X International Symposium of Art Criticism. Co-director with Joana Hurtado. ACCA, Catalan Association of Art Criticism, and Arts Santa Mònica

2015.11. Archive and Power. Symposium panelist. Vojvodina Contemporary Art Museum. Novi Sad

2015.11. Museum as Open Source. Symposium panelist. Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum. Zagreb

2015.10. Reinventing Forms of Civic Participation and Audience Development at the Age of Digitalization: The Role of Cultural Centres. Panelist and workshop facilitator. ENCC Travel Academy. Krakow

2015.03. MA Degree in Ephimeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces. Guest lecturer. Elissava School of Design and Enginieering. Barcelona

2015.03. Col·lectivaccions. Seminar panelist. Llotja arts school & Fabra I Coats art center. Barcelona

2014 – 2016. On Mediation. Seminar on Theory and Curatorial Practices in the Global Art. Guest lecturer. UB, Univeristat de Barcelona

2014, 2015. Pensamiento y Cultura. Seminar. Guest lecturer. Universidad de Murcia

2014.10. Activar los dispositivos: Museos, relatos y escuelas. Guest lecturer. La Conservera Contemporary Art Center. Murcia

2014. Collective Amnesia. Symposium director and presenter. Fundació Joan Miró. Barcelona

2014.05. Be Virus, My Friend. Panelist. La Casa Encendida. Madrid

2013 – 2014. Zombies, Frankenstein and The Pink Panther. Study Program on arts and curating. Director and teacher. A*Desk

2013 – 2014. Comisart. Grant for Young Curators of “laCaixa”. Tutor of the curatorial projects selected. CaixaForum, Barcelona

2013.07. 7 Routes. The Art of Today Through The Contexts Where It Happens. Summer School. Direction. A*Desk

2012 – 2013. Creation’s All About Mediatiors. Without Them Nothing Happens. Study Program on arts and curating. Director and teacher. A*Desk. Barcelona

2012 – 2015. MA Art Today. In-house tutor. IL3 Institute for Lifelong Learning. UB, Univeristat de Barcelona

2012.12. How To Do Things With Documents. Training seminar. Direction. Diputació de Barcelona & Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Barcelona

2012.09. QUAM. Mechanisms of Porosity. Intersections between art, education and territory. Conference directed by Ramon Parramon. Panelist. ACVIC Arts Centre. Vic

2012.07. Summer School. Guest lecturer. Universitat Jaume I. València

2012.07. Communication Art: Production, Exhibition and the Market. Summer School (Juliols de la UB). Guest lecturer. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona

2011 – 2012. CritiLeaks. Art Criticism Through Its Documents. Workshop series, co-directed with Joana Hurtado. ACCA, Catalan Association of Art Critics; CAT, Tarragona Arts Centre; URV Univeristat Rovira i Virgili. Barcelona & Tarragona

2011 – 2012. MA Visual Arts and Education: A Constructionist Approach. In-house tutor. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona

2011.12. Strabismus. On the Politics of Collaboration and Representation. Seminar and workshop, co-directed with Javier Rodrigo and Aula a la deriva. Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona

2011.11. Critic Culture Production in Contemporary Arts and Education. Guest lecturer. La Casa Encendida. Madrid

2011.03. Reorganigram. Workshop facilitator. Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Barcelona



7. Publications (selection)

Upcoming. El arte de la mediación. consonni. Bilbao

Upcoming. “Mediació. L’art en la seva condició de possibilitat”. Marina Garcés (ed.): Aula Oberta. Saber, fer, comprendre. Institut d’Humanitats de Barcelona. Barcelona

Upcoming. “The Public as Mediator”. David Armengol, David G. Torres & Martí Peran (eds.): Raw Material. Fabra i Coats Art Centre, Ajuntament de Barcelona. Barcelona

2017. “Cap a una política basada en les arts. Una proposta de canvi de paradigma”. Art contemporani I acció local. Diputació de Barcelona

2017. “Viatge en ramat” (on Tanit Plana’s Circulació). ET’S. Estètiques transversals. Art, acció educativa i ciutats mitjanes. Idensitat. Barcelona

2017. “La Tableau de Szeemann”. Sobre. Vol. 3. Universitat de Granada Press. Granada

2017. “Benvinguts al museu, benvinguts a la vida administrada”. Jesús Navarro (ed.): Connexions. Museu Jaume Morera. Lleida

2016. “The Posthuman Gaze” (on Lydia Debeer’s work). The Empty Fox Hole. HISK laureates. 2016. HISK, Higher Institute of Fine Arts. Gent

2016. “Performativity as a Modus Operandi”. Performing the Museum. The Reader. Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina Novi Sad

2016. “The Art of Mediation”. Polaritats. Homesession. Barcelona

2016. “Traps, Clues, Trails, Nearsightedness”, in collaboration with Txuma Sánchez and Marta Vilardell. Follow the trail as though you were nearsighted. Arts Santa Mònica and Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona

2016. “Medio y materia” (on Oriol Vilanova’s work). Concreta, bloc. València

2016. “Las trampas del ornamento”. Concreta. 09. València

2016. “El Turner mediador”. Concreta, bloc. València

2016. “Èxode, Emergència, Insurgència”. Article. Vol. 2. Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona

2015. “Art and Conflict. A Survey at the Battelfield” (expanded version). CuMMA Papers –Studies in Curating, Managing and Mediating Art. Visual Culture and Contemporary Art Master’s Degree Programme in Aalto University. Helsinki

2015. “On the Battle of Media Prospecting” (on Lola Lasurt’s work). Young Belgian Art Prize 2015. Jeune Peinture Belgue, Bozar. Belgium

2015. “Tania Bruguera: The Origins of Totalitarism Twice”. Apollo Magazine. Bloc entry, June 2nd. London

2015. “La llibertat d’expressió, sota sospita”. Quadrern. Sabadell

2015. “El futro no viene solo, tampoco”. Concreta. Valencia

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2015. “The Art of the Future”. Preventive Archeology. Catalogue. Joan Miró Foundation. Barcelona

2015. “Comisariar arte colaborativo, ¿colaborativamente?”. Antonio Collados and Javier Rodrigo (eds.): Transductores 3. Centro José Guerrero. Granada

2015. “La memoria, bajo sospecha”. Alexandra Laudo (ed.), Constelaciones familiares. Terrassa City Council. Terrassa

2014. “Eichmann in Spain”. Ignasi Prat, The World of the Victors. Hall of May. Artist book. Barcelona Culture Institute. Barcelona

2014. “Vudú en la sociedad red” (on Efrén Álvarez’s work). Avaritia Omnium Malorum Radix. 12a Bienal Martínez Guerricabetia. Catalogue. Valencia Univeristy. Valencia

2014. “Tan feas, tan repugnantes” (on Daniela Ortiz’s work). Avaritia Omnium Malorum Radix. 12a Bienal Martínez Guerricabetia. Catalogue.Valencia University. Valencia

2013. “Anti-anticatalanism”. A*Desk Magazine. N. 105. Barcelona

2013. “Naturaleza contradictoria. Algunas instantáneas de la fauna y flora del desierto catalán”. eremuak. N. 0. Vitoria

2013. “Capgirar el museu. Interseccions entre el comissariat i l’educació en la perspectiva de la crítica institucional”. Mnemòsine. Revista catalana de museologia. N. 7. Barcelona

2103. “Learning from Immaterial Culture”. Enric Farrés & Quim Packard, Grau d’Assistent d’Artista Professional. Artist book. Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona

2012. “En el cruce de los experimentos truncados”. Concreta. n. 0. València

2010. “My Famous People as a television, as a monument, as an educational project” (on Atsuko Aray artwork). Ramon Parramon (ed.): Home/ Away. Art in social space. Catalogue. Idensitat. Barcelona

2010. “A brief chronology of curatorial incidences from the 20th century”. La Pinta (ed.), Se Busca Curator. La Pinta, Barcelona