Preventive Archeology. The catalogue

Fundació Joan Miró

The catalogue of Preventive archaeology is built as an archive of materials that have been generated during the program. In relation to the works of Oriol Vilanova, Lúa Coderch, Lola Lasurt and Antonio Gagliano, we published an unfolding flyer, a catalogue and gallery information sheets on each intervention at Espai 13 and Espai 14–15.

The catalogue includes also a memorandum with a description by Oriol Fontdevila of the project from a curatorial point of view, and another considered from a re-curatorial perspective by LaFundició at Espai 14–15. Both points of view are accompanied by the account of Lara F. Portolés, researcher at IN3 (UOC) who has done a memorandum of Preventive archaeology based on observing relationships among different collaborators and the public.