Preventive Archeology

Fundació Joan Miró

Exhibition program at Espai 13. Fundació Joan Miró.

Preventive Archaeology program propose a series of displacements on the superficial layer of memory. More than examining the past, they propose tracking the forms on which History, at present, is laid out, told and shown in the public realm. They are a mapping of the legacies that we have inherited and that engage our relationship with the past. They are a set of paths to a number of places from which to question our collective memory.

One of the strong points of departure of the program is the historiographical dimension of Montjuïc. Oriol Vilanova, Lúa Coderch, Lola Lasurt and Antonio Gagliano base their projects on descriptions of museums, monuments and recreations which affect how the mountain influences the planning of a historical discourse in a larger territorial scale. Montjuïc and the Fundació Joan Miró provided the artists the starting reference from which to begin, and on which to spread their research as itineraries both through the outside world as well as through the interiority of different modes of memory.

Parallel to the exhibition program, LaFundició opened a space in an apartment block in the neighborhood of Bellvitge, Espai 14–15, a kind of echo of Espai 13, from which they tried, together with the artists, to test the possibility to generate connections between their research and a range of different socio-cultural contexts. From this setting, historiographical reflexivity was meant to engage with two historical celebrations that took place during Preventive Archaeology: the Tricentenari 1714, and, above all, Bellvitge50.


Exhibition Program:

Oriol Vilanova: She Corrects Manners Laughingly.

Lúa Coderch: The Magic Mountain.

Lola Lasurt: Double Authorisation.

Antonio Gagliano: Buno.

LaFundició: Espai 14-15.