Muntadas: Olvido de pez/ Ediciones anfibias (v. extd.)

Sobre. Universidad de Granada

The interview that Ronald Christ made to Muntadas in 1982 is taken as the starting point for the development of two hypotheses about the artist’s work, concerning primarily his work in editing. First, a peculiar notion of the medium is discussed, which would go across the whole work of Muntadas. This idea stresses the two most fashionable approaches to media theory during the 1970s: the so-called Marshall McLuhan’s technophilia and Raymond Williams’ technophobia. On the other hand, the publications made by Muntadas during the 1970s are pointed out here as the true seed from where project-based and dialogical methods would have started to grow, becoming a common feature of all Muntadas’ work from the decade of 1990 on

Published only in Spanish at Sobre n. 5 (Universidad de Granada) this text is the extended version of the one published in 2018 on the occasion of the exhibition Muntadas: Edicions II in Galeria Joan Prats (Barcelona)