The Binding Object

Casal Solleric

The Binding Object brings together a series of artistic projects that seek to impact shared modes of life by taking into account the role of objects. Technologies identified as craft, traditional art media, and even those declared obsolete, are currently renewing their status as assets when used in collaborations with communities of different types, when bringing change in institutional routines and encouraging alternative forms of planning and thought.

Nowadays, there is no credible social alternative which does not accept the role that material agency has within our lives. By experiencing the end of a humanism that understood emancipation as a strictly human concern, contemporary political and ecological thought makes evident the need to reconsider the role objects play in helping to uphold lifestyles and generate forms of consciousness.

The Binding Object presents different scenarios in which pondering the inwardness of objects goes hand in hand with their ability to enable social relationships, as well as to build broad collaborative networks that engage human and non-human players in developing emergent and mutually transformative processes. What is at stake here is the offer of a new working approach that deals with the controversies of the environment, migratory movements, urban gentrification, historical memory and the many faces of colonialism, while pointing out their own material basis.