LaFundició: Espai 14-15

Fundació Joan Miró

Espai 14-15 entails the construction of a double displacement. On the one hand, and at the level of the existing art venues, the opening of a new space in the Bellvitge neighborhood will invite artists, projects, producers and public around Preventive Archeology to experiment with other types of relational possibilities and with the production of knowledge. On the other hand, at the level of the memorial, Espai 14-15 aims to establish connections with different socio-cultural sectors, link agents and add cases that will build new possibilities from which we will be able to expand the debates issued around the notion of collective memory.

Since the beginning of 2013, the collective LaFundició has at its disposal a small place in that neighborhood of L’Hospitalet from where it carries a sphere of dialogue and negotiation with the different agents and groups. Once it was decided that the place was going to host Espai 14-15, we thought to connect the projects of Preventive Archeology with Bellvitge50, the program of events that mark the 50th anniversary of the neighborhood, with another celebration that concerns Catalonia at this moment, the Tricentenary of the siege of Barcelona in 1714.

The chance to connect such two disparate memorals, each one acting at a different scale and articulating equally different discourses, allows Preventive Archeology to achieve, in its aim to try alternatives in line with the notion of collective memory, a boarder scope of collaborations, and, at the same time, extend the debate to the context of cultural production, institutionalization of values, and that construction of identitiy that concerns historiographical fields, as well as, the practice itself of contenporary art.