Until 12th January 2019

Fuerzas y cuerpos [Forces and Corps], Crowfunding campaign for a photobook by Paula Artés issuing, about the invisibility of the Civil Guard (State Security Forces and Corps) in Catalonia. I contributed with an extensive introductory text, with which the project is summarized attending to the negotiations that the artist held with the security corps in order to get access to their hidden control systems. The book is in Catalan, Spanish and English. The Crowfunding campaign works indeed as a pre-order device, so you can 'donate today' in order to buy your copy in advance of this magnificent book of a truly promising artist!

2019. February

The Elephant in the Room

Curator on solo show by Ella Littwitz at La Panera Art Center. Lleida


Eight Points Towards a Performative Understanding of the Practice of Mediation

Text contribution to  Shaping Desired Futures, a pulbication edited by Aria Spinelli produced in the framework of Trauma & Revival, an European Project on cultural relations between Eastern and Western Europe. Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels


Vuit punts per a una comprensió performativa de la mediació

Text contribution to Aula Oberta seminar program's publication, edited by Marina Garcés. Institut d'Humanitats, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona & Raig Verd

2018 November

El olvido figurado. Más allá de la vanguardia y el presentismo

Text contribution to Brumaria works #9 Olvidar  Published by Brumaria

2018 November

La fuga de los anfibios

Text contribution to Marla Jacarilla's catalog Apuntes para una fuga. Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània. València

2018 November, 7, 8, 9

La mediación vista por dentro

Guest lecturer to PERMEA, Programa Experimental de Mediación y Educación a través del Arte. Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània i Universitat de València

2018 November, 14

¿Por qué miramos como miramos?

Guest lecturer to PostGráfica MA. IDEP, Escola Superior d'Imatge i Disseny, Barcelona

2018 September - 2019 February

Anàlisi i Crítica del Disseny

Assistant professor of Grau de Disseny [Degree in Design] at EINA, University School of Design and Art. Barcelona

2018 September - 2019 February

Seminari de Contextos i Sistemes de l'Art

Assistant professor of Grau d'Arts [Degree in Arts] at UOC, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya